Fresh Fish Refined

In business since 1992, Kuusamon Kalajaloste manufactures delicious tinned fish products from the local freshwater fish. We also sell both fresh fish products and frozen fish. Warm- and cold-smoked fish is carefully prepared in our smokehouse, in optimum temperature, to produce the perfect taste and consistence for this local delicacy.

Smoked vendace

Smoked vendace in vegetable oil has been the best seller of our company, which we have proudly presented in many international events. Smoked vendace is packed in a tin with vegetable oil, with salt as the only additive. As all our products, smoked vendace keeps well for a long time, and the selling period is 4-5 years. The reason for the excellent success of this product is its long shelf-life, along with the good quality and taste of the contents. During storage the aroma of the product is intensified, and therefore the taste of the product improves over time.